Casa Narigua by David Pedroza Castaneda

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Apr 2014 5:44 pm | Homes

The architect David Pedroza Castaneda designed Casa Narigua, a residential project extending from the hillside in El Jonuco, in the north-west region of Mexico, with a series of overlapping cantilevered volumes that create this secluded home in the mountain landscape offering terrific views of the coastal surroundings.

The exterior uses red concrete to create a natural façade with a contemporary geometry which adapts itself to the trees and uneven terrain instead of leveling the ground. The house is comprised of a cluster of three two floor blocks to create a structure which is reminiscent of the typical Mexican towns where the mountains limit the valley and impose certain architectural compromises.

The earthly tone of the façade is similar to the ground and it was combined with cypress beams and hardwood floors to offer a rustic and timeless aesthetic. The interior has plenty of floor to ceiling windows to take advantage of the view and maintain a constant connection with the landscape.



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