Casa MM by Elias Rizo Arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Oct 2014 6:57 pm | Homes

The Casa MM is a residential project located in Tapalpa, Mexico and it was designed by the practice of Elias Rizo Arquitectos with two main structures to serve as homes for two brothers.

The buildings have a similar architectural style and the owners wanted the entrance to the home to be “an experience” with the entrance modules arranged around open courtyards to allow natural light inside.

The spaces at the entrance are the mud room, the garage, service quarters and some storage area, while the rest of the house has a flexible and open layout that maintains a constant connection with the outdoors.

The first house is built on the higher part of the site and is more enclosed to ensure privacy, with a floor plan that is more angular to distinguish it from the other home. The spaces here are arranged around an open courtyard with the master bedroom detached from the rest of the home and a mezzanine level for the additional bedrooms.

The second house has a similar layout but with a rectilinear floor plan to offer a view of the surroundings, while the bedrooms here are on a single level.


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