Casa Lee by Marcio Kogan

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 May 2013 10:32 am | Homes

This house received a lot of critique from important figures such as Charles, Prince of Wales for its design which might seem quite unremarkable at first glance, being compared to a ‘concrete mass’.

Although this might seem the case, we can place Marcio Kogan, its designer, among other famous architects such as Joseph Eichler or Frank Lloyd Wright. The style is reminiscent of minimalism or brutalism through the simple geometry and fortress-like angles.

The exterior is also quite simple and the interior is connected to it through the use of retractable glass walls. There is a wooden cladding to increase the warmth and natural ambiance which starts from the swimming pool outside all the way to the four bedrooms and also in the sauna. The pool also adds extra light due to its internal illumination and contributes to the ambiance.

The bedrooms follow the same minimalist tone as the rest of the interior with an angular nature and an abundance of wood. The illumination here is square down, rather than the usually preferred circular lighting thus providing an optimal reading place.



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