Casa dos Ipês in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by Marcio Kogan

By : Mark V | 13 Feb 2013 1:19 am | Homes

Designed by Marcio Kogan, the Casa dos Ipes in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a project that was finished a while ago but it still attracts attention due to the fact that it was considered impossible to build.

The main material in use was exposed concrete and this huge block is suspended above a glass volume. Upstairs there are the bedrooms and a TV room in the middle and the illumination is aided by a wooden panel which is broken into shutters. These offer the feeling of a compact whole when they are closed shut offering an esthetic modern structure as the main part of the building.

The downstairs living room offers access to the veranda and to the garden through the use of retractable doors that practically open up half of the room turning it into a part of the exterior. The interior is decorated with the same type of wood as the one from outside adding extra warmth and a natural feeling to the living room.

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