By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Apr 2014 6:34 pm | Homes

Located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, the Casa Diaz is a residential project designed by the PRODUCTORA architectural practice offering a structure which maintains a constant connection with its surroundings through a system of elongated rectangular volumes set on three different levels.

The house is near a large lake and thus the side facing it is completely open. The sloping plot determined the stacking of the volumes and the zigzag placement was chosen to allow a generous space between them with open terraces and sheltered patios.

The street side of the home makes it seem like a traditional home since it uses roof tiles, wood and natural stone so that it fits right into the urban landscape while also offering a modern side with extensive glass surfaces and a highly open interior with plenty of connections with the landscape and a minimalist interior in which a neutral palette is combined with natural elements such as the wooden furniture pieces or surfaces.



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