By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Sep 2014 8:45 pm | Apartments

The CarLoft located in the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin, Germany is a great location for different events or as a home away from home for travelers, featuring a contemporary design that integrates the a showroom and event venue into the living space.

The name comes from the car elevator available in the building which permits the inhabitants to park their automobiles right on the apartment level in the section called the Car Loggia. Spreading over a surface of 193 square meters, the loft is comprised of a home office and library, a master bedroom with a double bed, two bathrooms with a bathtub and shower as well as the living area which integrates the dining space, kitchen and the bar.

The loft comes with complementary concierge service and the Car Loggia adds 73 more square meters of outdoor area with an open bar and kitchen. The space can be rented for at least three nights and up to three months.

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