Cantilevered Bangkok Clubhouse by OfficeAT

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 May 2014 12:56 pm | Other

The Bangkok Grand Pinklao Clubhouse in the west area of Thailand was designed by the OfficeAT architectural practice as a clubhouse with separate offices and meeting areas, a multipurpose zone and a large swimming pool.

The clients wanted the clubhouse to be visible from the main road and it had to limit to a height of 40 feet integrating with the landscaped surroundings. The cantilevered structure proposed by the designers has expansive extensions and the axis of the building runs on an alignment orientation facing the sun with narrow sides to the east and west.

The western side of the building has an overhang to protect it from the sun and it thus reduces the need for ventilation offering a sustainable solution for the performance of the clubhouse. The floor to ceiling glass windows make the structure glow during the nighttime and the open plan of the main floor overlooks the steps at the entrance and gives access to the terrace nearby.



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