We can dream in colour by Margeza

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Oct 2013 7:08 pm | Interiors

This private property is located in Budapest, Hungary and its interior was designed by the Margeza studio calling the project We can dream in colour due to the use of a diverse palette throughout the space.

The owners of the property are a Belgian couple with five adult children who often come to visit them. According to the designers, the original apartment was in a bad state and the lead pattern is an ellipse and it appears in several spaces.

The illumination was an important feature in the apartment and there are cambered walls attracting your attention along with LED lamps to reduce the energy consumption. Each piece of furniture was placed on the walls to give them the impression of floating.

The rooms which received the most attention were the bathroom and bedroom since they are the places where you gather your strength and regenerate, so the carpet near the bath was handmade and the pillows which can be found throughout the apartment are designed by the house mistress.



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