California House by InForm Design & Pleysier Perkins

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Nov 2013 9:14 pm | Homes

Although it is called the California House, this project is located in Brighton, Australia and was designed by the architectural practice of InForm Design in collaboration with Pleysier Perkins.

Inspired by the modernist style, this project features a horizontal roof and a lot of glazed surfaces to create a connection with the outdoors, since the Australian climate is very suitable for this lifestyle. All of the living areas were oriented toward the north to allow a complete opening and link with the garden, while the upper floors host the master bedroom and three additional ones.

The house was designed to maximize the potential of the site which is on a corner and there is a lot of vegetation surrounding the structure to create a natural setting that is integrated with the whole. The main tones used are stained western red cedar with white fascias for contrast, silver travertine through the ground floor and terrace and tiled fireplaces.



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