Cafeteria Ruyven by Derksenwindt Architecten

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Dec 2015 8:42 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The coquette and cozy Cafeteria Ruyven is located alongside a crowded road that links the old center of Maassluis with the business park, thus standing somewhat in-between two different worlds and trying to take elements from both into a remarkable mélange.

Designed by the Dutch practice of Derksenwindt Architecten, the cafeteria is also next to train track that connects Rotterdam with Hoek van Holland and it features a structure similar to a pavilion with exposed light colored bricks on the exterior and rounded corners to make it more visually appealing. The roof is flat and has two stainless steel bands which make it stand out and the lower side of the canopy also contains several illumination spots surrounding the cafeteria during the nighttime.

The windows are large, with mullions and minimal frames to provide a glimpse and an invitation inside, where the leather seats combined with metallic elements try to provide optimal comfort and functionality.



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