Café Kiebert Amsterdam by Rosalisa Villa and BN Wallcoverings

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Aug 2014 7:29 am | Restaurants & Bars

Café Kiebert located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is a cozy project designed in 2014 by the Rosalisa Villa studio in collaboration with the BN Wallcoverings studio, providing a classical aesthetic combining warm colors and black and white photos on the walls to create an inviting atmosphere.

The name of the project comes from the Kiebert family which lived from 1923 until 1982 in the place from which they offered some of the best cakes, pastries and cream waffles to the residents of the city. The pictures on the walls reveal some of the building’s historic significance and it seems that the Kiebert family is the one who managed to maintain the circumflex in the Dutch language.

The café doesn’t only serve drinks, you can enjoy some tasty dishes which are of moderate sizes and cooked to taste just like home food with naturally grown ingredients.



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