Café C.A.F.E. by Drozdov & Partners

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Sep 2013 8:30 am | Restaurants & Bars

The Café C.A.F.E. project was designed in 2011 by the architectural practice of Drozdov & Partners and it is located in Kharkov, Ukraine in a dense urban development.

The site had a small café which was built during the early 90s but it became pretty obsolete and needed a renovation. It now features perforated structures and a semi-open design similar to the typology of “urban rooms” or “inner courtyards” which offers interconnected spaces divided into three sections, namely the main room which has a wooden terrace and the bar with moveable canopies, a middle room which has a summer kitchen and a fixed canopy, and a small room on the open-air terrace above adjoining the café.

The areas are connected through the light perforated structures and the modular frame allows a lot of flexibility making the space suitable for various events such as fashion parades or even a cinema during the summertime.

The interior provides a bit more intimacy and the illumination is dramatic highlighting only what is really important, while the furniture and lighting can be easily modified to create various settings.



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