Cabanas no Rio by Aires Mateus

By : Dennis Franklin | 22 Sep 2014 3:15 pm | Homes

Following the same aesthetic from the Casas Na Areia project which combines traditional architecture with contemporary features and natural materials, the Aires Mateus studio from Lisbon designed the Cabanas no Rio project on the waterfront of Grandola, Portugal consisting of two reclaimed timber structures that provide a rural retreat for two inhabitants.

The living area is in one of the huts, being comprised of a simple counter where cooking can be done and the other hut is where the bedroom and a small toilet are located as well as a sheltered outdoor shower.

The project is made of recycled wooden panels for the walls, floors, roof and fittings, leaving the material exposed. The idea was to take inspiration from the medieval wharfs which is durable and can be easily replaced when needed. The overall surface of the combined interiors is of 26 square meters and the cabins have been built off-site and transported on the back of a lorry with a wooden deck leading onto a jetty.


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