Buzzfeed LA Office by JIDK

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Mar 2014 4:16 pm | Offices

The Buzzfeed listicle company expanded to include original videos on their site which are produced from their Los Angeles office designed by the JIDK architectural practice.

The office is in a former beauty supply space which now hosts the workstations of the editorial team, interview rooms, filming spaces, meeting rooms and breakout areas along with a retail space on the ground floor and a lounge on the mezzanine.

The exterior has neon signs to create a connection with the signs of the El Coyote restaurant across the street and the lighting designer Saul Diaz-Acosta used the Secto Design 4200 & 4201 pendants for the decoration of the space.

The interior has a contemporary Danish aesthetic complemented by a California Eames Mid-century style that was fitting due to the location of the office. The renovation spanned over a period of nine months and they were made in collaboration with the architect Jess Mullen-Carey from the MakeArchitecture practice.



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