Burj Doha by Jean Nouvel

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Jul 2013 8:37 pm | Skyscrapers

Burj Doha is a project that was designed by the Jean Nouvel architectural practice with a façade that is reminiscent of the Shanasheel screens that are usual in the region although these area a bit larger than the norm.

The building has a height of 761 feet and its rounded cylindrical shape is made with carved lattice to provide the ample shading required in the desert climate of Doha, Quatar. The location of the tower is next to the gulf to offer a great view of it and of the city.

This project is the first one to use the dia-grid reinforced concrete over the entire surface of the building which thus becomes a gigantic sunscreen while also creating the magnificent interiors that can be admired in the pictures below.

With a total built area of around 110000 square meters the tower offers a wonderful view of the surroundings from its dome that is topped by a lightning conductor to reach the height of 231.5 meters above the ground.



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