Bunker Hill Residence by 2Scale Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Sep 2014 8:47 pm | Homes

The Bunker Hill Residence located in Houston, Texas was designed by the practice of 2Scale Architects to host a large family from Mexico, so it features extensive living areas where they can host large gatherings of their friends and family.

The Mexican architecture was the main inspiration source for the aesthetic and the contemporary geometry creates a highly functional and open layout. The shapes are asymmetrical to bring multiple layers into the ambiance with a contrast of texture instead of using a diverse array of colors so that the overall atmosphere is cohesive and cozy.

The white and beige living area combined with dark wooden textures and exposed stonework creates an elegant setting with large floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors that maintain a constant visual connection with the outdoor terrace and garden.

The terrace has reflecting pools around the home which create interplay of lights during the daytime as well as bringing out the wall textures.


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