Brussels French Speaking Parliament by Skope

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Sep 2014 10:42 pm | Other

Located on Rue du Lombard in Bruxelles, Belgium, the seat of the Brussels French Speaking Parliament and the restored former Postal Relay were designed as a polyvalent project which was created by the Skope architectural practice in 2013.

The historic building could have received an additional right wind, but the designers opted for a contemporary approach. The façade isn’t the only part which was revamped, but there is an overall concept development which provides a functional and energy efficient design.

The volume of the new template was originally designed by the architect Georges Hano who proposed the two wings idea and the new architects reinterpreted it by calculating the façade proportions. The expression of the façade is a “voronoides” pattern which is close to the fractal distribution, basing on five distinct elements that combine in infinite mathematical variations to create an impressive aesthetic.

The site is included in the UNESCO classification site and this made the integration of historic and modern elements more delicate and even more of a challenge.


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