Brooklin Apartment by Kwartet Arquitetura

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Aug 2013 2:46 pm | Apartments

We have seen a previous work designed by the practice of Kwartet Arquitetura here, and now we take a look at the Brooklin Apartment located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The apartment was completed in 2012 and although it has a small size (95 square meters), the owners wished to maintain the three bedrooms and this led to a tight living room with a two-sided couch that separates the space in two.

The living and kitchen areas have been integrated to create a larger space and the doors to the terrace were removed so that new glass windows replace it to expand the living area. The predominant color inside is light gray due to the porcelain tile which covers the area.

The furniture is composed of an oak bookcase and a bar to replace the former barbecue area of the terrace while the dining table and the TV rack have been incorporated together to cover less space. The kitchen cabinets are gray to complement the black granite and there are mirrors at the lavatory to make it seem larger.



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