Bridgestone office by SPACE

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Mar 2014 7:57 am | Offices

The architect Juan Carlos Baumgartner is the founder and CEO of the SPACE architectural practice based in Chicago and he designed the interior of the Bridgestone office taking inspiration from the dynamism and light in motion which are representative for the firm.

The project spreads over a single floor and on a surface of 2300 square meters with a functional design that wishes to increase productivity while also offering an aesthetic that is characteristic for the Bridgestone philosophy. The floor has a pattern that tries to emulate the blur effect of a car in motion and the illumination also follows the same idea of light in motion giving you the impression of speed.

The reception area uses reflective materials to create a sensation of immersion and the area is also a showroom through the use of furniture, walls and ceilings designed with Bridgestone tires along with the swings and armchairs being made of tractor tires.



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