Bridge at Buen by 3XN

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Jul 2014 9:10 am | Bridges

This pedestrian and bicycle bridge was designed by the 3XN Architectural practice to connect the city of Mandal, which is the most southern city in Norway, to the new Buen Cultural Center that is emerging with a design created by the same office.

The designers used the same light exterior to connect with the surrounding tones and to stand out next to the wooden houses and narrow streets in the region. There are two clear spaces defined to allow the passers-by to enjoy the picturesque view and to relax in the pockets that can also serve as social gathering points.

The cultural center is illuminated during nighttime to stand out and to be easier to reach across the bridge. The two pockets emphasize the curves of the bridge and bring a bit of diversity to the minimalist overall design, evoking the flowing properties of the water underneath.



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