Boyeruca Fishing Cove by SGGB Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Jul 2014 6:23 pm | Other

The Boyeruca Fishing Cove is an installation created by the SGGB Architects practice in the town of Talca, Chile and it is composed of two different layers separated by five semi-inverted concrete beams to define the functional programs inside.

The interior hosts the distribution hall, the fishermen union’s office, a kitchen, refrigerator chamber along with storage boxes and bathrooms. The industrial aesthetic is created with local black stone, concrete beams and folded metal doors, while the upper stratum gives access to the restaurant/union headquarters with an ambiance inspired by the local south Chilean architecture and color palette.

The lower level was created with collapsible structural principles to adapt to a climate where tsunamis are possible, while the upper level is protected from wind and water through a process of waterproofing, the integration of an asymmetric double sloped roof and through the implementation of water channeling. The effect of the winds is reduced due to the strategic placement of the project to reduce the southern breeze.



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