Borisov Stadium Arena by OFIS Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Oct 2014 9:46 pm | Stadiums

The Borisov Stadium Arena in Belarus was designed by the OFIS Architects practice with a ring form façade that brings a contrast to the forested location while preserving as much of the trees as it was possible.

The stadium has a capacity of 13000 seats, 620 VIP spaces, 100 press seats and parking spots for 800 automobiles with a perforated exterior that creates a connection between the outdoors and the interior of the arena while also adding a cellular-like aesthetic to the project.

The stadium has a rounded dome shape with a covered area between the enveloping skin and the tribunes to leave room for the shops, bars, service areas and toilets while the center is developed to ensure good acoustic qualities to get the atmosphere during the matches even more heated.

There are two dressing rooms at each field entry point, a mixed use area, a space for physiotherapy and a room specifically created for doping control.

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