Bolwoning by Dries Kreijkamp

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Feb 2015 8:07 pm | Homes

The Bolwoning is a community of globe-shaped houses designed by the architect, sculptor and designer Dries Kreijkamp in 1984 in the town of Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

The project has a lot of wild vegetation around it as well as winding canals and the homes have round windows to communicate with the natural landscape while also trying to offer an alternative housing typology.

There is a cylindrical base for the storage and utility spaces as well as a three floor fiberglass sphere. The two components interlock with one another and are connected through a spiral staircase to lead to the bathroom, bedroom and ground floor. The top level contains the kitchen with living room integrated and it has abundant natural light coming through the round windows as well as a panoramic view of the surroundings.

The overall surface of the homes is of 55 square meters and the residences are connected via diagonal pedestrian paths without any communal outdoor seating or leisure areas so their utility is somewhat questioned in the modern age of communication and interaction.


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