Blue Tape by Evan Shieh and Ali Chen

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Mar 2014 4:11 pm | Education

The AC-CA (Architectural Competition/Concours d’Architecture) for the design of a school tower was won by the architects Evan Shieh and Ali Chen from the United States with a project entitled Blue Tape that tries to offer a new vision of how the architectural school should look like.

The project has a slit through the middle of the tower with offices and studios placed to the sides and a transparent façade following the idea of a pin-up area where students can interact with each other and exchange ideas.

The activities of the structure are oriented around the empty void to bring out the expression of a continuous space with an open plan that ensures the highest flexibility for the needs of the classes. The offices of the professors are adjacent to the workplaces of each level and they ensure an integrated educational environment with outdoor terraces that encourage the interaction between the students and the instructors.



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