Blue Pie by Rzlbd Atelier

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Dec 2013 8:16 am | Apartments

The Blue Pie project is a condominium unit located in Toronto, Canada which was designed by Rzlbd Atelier in 2013 for a 40-year-old family doctor who enjoys the colors blue and white, so the designers began their project with the image of an iceberg.

Aside from the iceberg photo, another source for the transformation of the property is the Back Alley Abstract painting created by the artist Sandra Duba-Shubs. The apartment spreads over 450 square feet and it has the shape of a quarter circle resembling a slice of cake, – hence the name Blue Pie.

The first step in the renovation was to remove the hardwood floors and allow the rough concrete slab underneath it to be seen after which the floor was painted with a blue paint. The aquatic themed floor is continued with two solid walls framing the living areas and a curved curtain wall provides the natural light needed from the southwest side.

The original kitchen cabinets and appliances were kept and the kitchen island was removed to offer space for a dining table cantilevered from the column above the blue floor.



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