Blu Creativity by Facet Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Nov 2013 6:29 pm | Other

Blu Creativity is a hair and beauty salon in the Chinatown district of Sydney, Australia and it was designed by the Facet Studio with an interior that utilizes nature as one of the main decorative elements integrating the vegetation to create a relaxing retreat from the busy city life.

The designers opted for porous, semi-transparent partitions instead of solid walls to create a larger space and one that allows more natural light to pass throughout while also offering a calmer ambiance. This structure also offered a place for the plants and makes the space seem like it is a work in progress, rather than a finished project.

The beauty salon has a total surface of 180 square meters and the project team consists of the designers Yoshihito Kashiwagi, Olivia Shih, Yoko Makino and Brandon Chin. There is abundant use of greenery and translucent curtains delineate the space while also making the circulation of air provided by the overhead fans more evident, giving an extra feeling of security and privacy.



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