The Black & White Building by BuckleyGrayYeoman

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Nov 2013 7:34 pm | Offices

The Black & White Building was designed by the BuckleyGrayYeoman architectural practice for The Office Group which provides flexible office spaces and the structure was completed in 2013 in the Shoreditch area east of London, UK.

The existing structure was once a furniture factory and the designers brought it up to date with a stylish and flexible layout that encourages communication and social interaction between the employees. The interior is bright and maintains the features of the original factory while the exterior is completely black to create a strong contrast between the two.

The fixtures and fittings were created from local sources as is typical for The Office Group buildings and a landscaped terrace was added on the roof to allow some outdoor space for the employees and to support the sustainable features such as the rainwater harvesting, sensor lighting and photovoltaic panels.

The large windows and high ceiling of the building were taken advantage of and the shared facilities along with the informal areas and the ClubRooms try to recreate the ambiance of a campus to help the employees relax and communicate easier.



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