Black Facade MPO9 Headquarters by GSarchitects

By : Mark V | 6 Jul 2015 5:56 pm | Interiors, Offices

The MPO9 Headquarters are located in Graz, Austria. Gsarchitects designed this place and chose a contemporary and sustainable design that makes these offices really attractive. The name of the building derives from the name of the owner (Michael Pachleitner). The surrounding buildings aren’t as contemporary and dynamic when it comes to the design and this is why this structure stands out.

It also goes by the name “Black Panther” (because the facade is covered in a beautiful, sleek black glass) and it is located right at the entrance of the city. The Pachleitner Group organized a competition for their headquarters and they wanted the building to function as an office space and as a hotel building, too. The project started in 2006 and Gsarchitects were chosen to design the place.

The construction started in the summer of 2007 and the building was finished in May 2010 after 36 million Euro were spent.


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