BK House by Domenack Arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Apr 2014 2:01 pm | Homes

The BK House was designed by the Domenack Arquitectos practice for a family of five and it is located in Lima, Peru on a plot which encourages interaction with the outdoors while also preserving the privacy of the inhabitants.

The house spreads over two floors and its back side is completely glazed to connect with the terrace with the possibility of completely opening the glass panels in case of a party or gathering. There are several patios and a lounge area with a swimming pool.

Structure of the house is made of steel and exposed concrete, giving it an industrial motif, while the roof is made of structural laminated wood to add a warmer and more natural touch while also integrating the whole composition of the house.

The steel structure supporting the roof also defines the spaces inside and each of the two floors serves different purposes with the bedrooms and bathrooms located on the first floor and the ground level hosting the social areas.



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