Biutiful by Twins Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Jul 2013 5:10 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Biutiful Pub is located in the old town center of Bucharest, Romania and it was designed by the Twins Studio as a way to bring the pub up to date and into the contemporary aesthetic.

The pub is probably the heart of the English culture and Romania has its own versions such as the roman taverns which bring people together to a place where they can relax and detach from the busy city life.

The design of the project features an open space which encourages communication and exchange of ideas, with old wooden tables and chandeliers which create a mysterious and warm ambiance inspired from the nightlife and powered by Fratelli.

The food inside is offered by Flavours Food Design and it is a mix between the Occidental and the Oriental cuisine with the traditional fish & chips, lamb skewers or tower burgers designed exclusively for the Biutiful Pub.



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