Bicom Communications by Jean De Lessard

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Apr 2016 3:34 am | Offices

BICOM Communications is a public relations agency specializing in lifestyle and their new offices in Montreal, Canada were designed by the architect Jean De Lessard with a theme that brings out the aspect of “communicator” with large PR campaigns integrated for brands like Coca-Cola or L’Oreal.

The office hosts 24 employees and the design strategy for the place is to reflect the agency’s method of operation using open spaces that connect the office spaces with the integration of several private offices so that the entire space would eventually host 35 persons.

The interior of the office is a systematic deconstruction of the typical work environment with elements taken from a house, or a summer trip and reconstructed into a new and simple way with the bare white walls of the old factory left still visible.

There are several houses and each one has its specific style and function to emphasize the individuality of each person and create a village-like environment.



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