Between Art and Music by PMK+Designers

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Apr 2013 8:57 pm | Apartments

Called “Between Art and Music” this apartment was designed by the practice of PMK+Designers, and as its name says, it is an attempt to combine the love for art and music that the clients have with the modern design techniques. Since the clients both work at a dental clinic, where the predominant color is white and the marble is the material most used, they wanted to have a home where their environment is different and more personal.

The design uses a neutral palette and minimal materials, most of them natural, like concrete, stone, stucco or wood with furniture that aims at comfort rather than attracting attention since the artworks provide enough aesthetic value to the space. The entire apartment is centered on the wall with the paintings and the design was also treated as a work of art adding multiple layers to provide the mild colors that resulted.

The living area includes the kitchen, living room and the bedroom is also placed in the perimeter to provide easy access between the rooms that are most used, and the central part of the apartment is the area where the owners can find their peace through their favorite music or art.



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