Beijiao Sports Center by DUO Decode Urbanism Office

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Apr 2013 6:15 pm | Sport Arenas

The project competition for the new Beijiao Sports Center was won by the local practice of DUO Decode Urbanism Office who proposed an original structure which doesn’t use the traditional archetype of and athletic facility, but rather tries to create a structure that is better fitted in the urban surrounding, through a deconstruction of the typical sports venue into several nodes of different heights, each being built for one specific event.

The idea of the designers is that through the focus on a single activity for each unit the unused spaces can be deactivated completely and thus reduce the energy wasted. Each of the modules will be linked through bands of green roof structure that flow towards a central valley that will also be the central lobby.

The park-like structure will have an increased communion with its surrounding metropolitan landscape without becoming just another object among other buildings, offering a perfect example of ecological architecture.



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