Beautiful Sculptural Staircase by Philip Watts Design

By : Mark V | 23 Jan 2013 11:06 pm | Interior Design, Interiors

Philip Watts Design based in Nottingham, UK designed more than 500 products during the years from their debut 1993. They produce all sorts of ironmongery, lighting and sanitary items, and won several awards for their work. Among these being around 100 interior projects and 150 installations, one of which is the one we will present in more detail.

The combination of art and functionality make this sculptural staircase something indeed worthy of applause. The main part is the spine-like metal axis that seems to flow from the high ground leaving drops in its wake as if it were made of melting silver.

The steps have an elliptical form and are made out of light colored wood and the sides rise like vertebras encased in glass.Combining the surreal with the science fiction in a manner that seems inspired by the work of H. R. Giger, this work of art is yet both original and creative.

[Philip Watts Design]

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