Beam & Block House by mode:lina office

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Aug 2013 3:46 pm | Homes

The Beam & Block House features a Scandinavian design with minimalist elements and is located in Poznan, Poland.

The project was designed by the architectural practice of mode:lina office and it spreads over a surface of 140 square meters using mostly raw concrete and wood as materials. The palette is neutral with while and grey predominating along with the warm wood and shades of yellow for diversity.

The house is furnished with designer furniture and artworks to make it have more personality and to become a reflection of the artistic orientation of the owners since according to them a room has to offer a lot more than just a TV set.

The living rooms is also minimalist with the flooring acting as a divider for the various sections of the open plan living area, kitchen and dining area, while sliding doors allow access to the back garden. The upper level hosts the bedroom which also contains the wardrobe and it is accessed through the staircase with an original dog house underneath it.



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