The Beach House by Sunset Homes

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Nov 2013 3:31 pm | Homes

Located on the Meads Bay, Anguilla in the Caribbean, this residential project was designed by the Sunset Homes architectural practice and has the simple name of The Beach House although the structure is quite impressive in size and presentation aiming to capture the splendid sunsets and ocean views in the best manner possible.

Featuring a white façade and a contemporary design, the project contains eight bedrooms with large expanses of glass to maintain a constant connection with the beautiful surroundings. The interior has stainless steel trims and warm wood to create a modern and cozy ambiance completed by stone tiles to add texture and contrast.

According to the designers, this project was more than a vacation home since they wanted to present Anguilla as a world class destination where the luxurious accommodations can suit the most demanding tastes and for the project the architect Ian “Sugar George” Edwards received five International Awards for Architecture and Property Development.



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