Batcave by Ben Rousseau

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Jul 2013 8:21 am | Homes, Other

Located in the basement of a home in London, United Kingdom, the Batcave is a leisure area that was designed by the lighting interior designer Ben Rousseau as a place where the owner can relax and play games without being disturbed.

The area has a surface of 3000 square feet and its central feature is an underground car port for the Aston Martin DB4 which defines the design of the entire space. There are laser beams surrounding it so that it seems to be protected with a force field and this futuristic design provides the best setting for the appreciation of the car.

The project also features a lot of artworks inspired by the popular culture and the lounge area has an INSA bubble chair that changes color along with LEDs on each step of the area to create an interactive and dynamic space.

To complete the setting there is a cocktail bar and a games room with a black walnut pool table all of them with attractive and diverse lights that try to transport you into a different world, one that makes you forget about the daily worries and offers you comfort and entertainment instead.



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