Basque Culinary Center by Vaumm Arkitektura

By : Mark V | 2 Jun 2015 5:18 am | Education, Infrastructure

A unique building, for both its purpose and for its design is the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian, Spain. Designed by Vaumm Arkitektura, this edifice is a center and monument of Spanish cuisine. Here there is a joint effort of students, researchers, companies and government towards the improvement of the culinary tradition and the building aims to give inspiration, shelter and support to its visitors.

The design gives the impression of a stack of five dishes from afar, one for each floor, and is very modern through its use of materials and functionality. In the posterior part of the building there is an inner garden with plenty of herbs and spices. The roof also has a garden along with solar panels and it is designed with pierced golden panels to give a warm color next to the green vegetation.

On the interior there are of course the kitchens where the experiments and creation take place and for the more theoretical part there is a vast auditorium in which all the presentations are held. Each floor also has a veranda that presents a panoramic view of the town.

With its ingenious use of space and its functionality this project is a great achievement.


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