Barton Restaurant by Isabel Lopez Vilalta and Magul Gonzales

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Jan 2015 7:40 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Barton Restaurant located in Barcelona, Spain was designed by the interior studio of Isabel Lopez Vilalta and the architect Magul Gonzales in 2014 who created an elegant venue on a corner side of the Eixample district.

The project wants to offer a new approach to the restaurant scene with its tavern-like ambiance and a diverse menu of tapas, a la carte and raw food. There are three areas making up the restaurant and they are designed in different styles ranging from modern to traditional to blend the dialogue between the old and the new with an exposed pantry, several tables and the bar.

Reclaimed wood, the exposed pantry, the large bar and the marble surfaces all work together to make up the tavern setting and the two walls perpendicular to the façade act as an acoustic shield to protect the customers from the urban bustle. The lamps inside were designed by Arik Levy and were suspended to the ceiling to add a touch of transparency, while the carpets add the needed color and elegant vibe.


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