Bar and Lounge For Grand Hyatt Dubai by Hirsch Bedner Associates

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Jun 2015 7:53 am | Restaurants & Bars

Designed by the practice of Hirsch Bedner Associates, this bar and lounge is located in the Grand Hyatt Dubai and it aims to provide the best experience possible through the cultural mélange that only a city like Dubai can offer.

Since the “City of Life” combines the elements of Middle Eastern, European and Asian cultures together in a unique mix, the Grand Hyatt Dubai tries to provide a similar experience through the use of the extravagant style elements of each of the ways of life into an ultimate design.

The eclectic space provides exotic and traditional elements and it is separated into four distinct lounges that are connected through several portals that allow you to glimpse into the other rooms, in the local fashion.

The Sunken Lounge is inspired by the Middle East and it has magenta and purple as predominant colors with elements of gold, this area being the heart of the entire space. The European Lounge features baroque furnishings and several modern fabrics to create a warm and extravagant ambiance. The Chinese Lounge has red and black as predominant colors and the central elements are the large chandeliers adorned with crystal and velvet.

The colors differ in each of the lounges and they use luxurious velvets and leathers as finishes for the space. The kitchen is exposed, to show the chefs at work and there is also an array of original cocktails that can be served in the lounge.



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