BAKERY by Paulo Merlini Arquitectura

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Jul 2013 6:32 pm | Restaurants & Bars

Located in Gondomar, Portugal the BAKERY was designed by the practice of Paulo Merlini Arquitectura to offer a space which provides various spaces according to the mood of the customers so that you can find the suitable atmosphere if you want to spend time with your friends, read a book or just enjoy some time alone.

The project features three different environments and instead of trying to get the customer’s attention through commercials or billboards, the designers used illumination and the way that the ceiling is seen from outside, since according to their studies this is the most important way to get people interested.

The designers created a second ceiling through the repetition of wooden stripes so that the sound and light don’t disturb the persons from inside as much. These stripes descend on two of the walls to create an effect of hidden forms when the customers move and those forms are the firm’s logo creating an imprint into the subconscious of the beholder.



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