Bahrain National Theatre by AS.Architecture Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Sep 2013 5:52 pm | Other

The Bahrain National Theatre located in Manama was designed by the practice of AS.Architecture Studio in 2012 with several exhibition areas, a main auditorium with 1001 seats and a smaller auditorium with only 150 seats.

Bahrain is also called the kingdom of the two seas and the island landscape is transported into the design of the National Theater as a connecting element between the sky and the sea. The design is inspired by the Arab tradition and it was designed as an Arab palace with an empty space as its centerpiece.

The usual patio has been replaced by the main foyer and it leads to the central auditorium which is the most important space around which everything else revolves. The National Theater was designed to be a landmark which embodies the cultural view of the country while also offering the capacity to accommodate international events and act as a center of the artistic life of the region.



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