Bagnolet Town Hall by Jean-Pierre Lott

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Apr 2014 6:11 pm | Other

The Bagnolet Town Hall in France was designed by the architect Jean-Pierre Lott as a part of a larger project of urban regeneration for the suburb of Paris and the designer had to develop the hall as well as its plaza so that a closer connection with the buildings surrounding the site.

The project is comprised of three sculptural slabs and the façade was scaled to the size of the existing town hall designed with a neoclassical aesthetic. There is also a pedestrian zone to allow an efficient flow through the space and there are patios and gardens to offer a good view for the visitors and employees of the hall.

The main area inside is a large atrium which is visible from all floors and the large lobby offers an open space for socialization. The first floor has a footbridge connecting the historic town hall and the new structure and on the exterior the street side of the elevation is woven in a stainless steel mesh which protects the office spaces from direct sunlight to ensure suitable working conditions.



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