Badeschiff by AMP arquitectos, Gil Wilk and Susanne Lorenz

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Apr 2014 7:34 pm | Other

Badeschiff in German means “bathing ship” and this floating public swimming pool is located in Berlin, Germany, on the East Harbour section of the Spree River.

The project allows the citizens to swim in a clean environment near the river since the river itself isn’t very safe. The Badeschiff began in 2004 as an art project created by the AMP arquitectos in collaboration with Gil Wilk and the artist Susanne Lorenz who proposed a “bridge to the spree” for the Stadtkunstprojekte.

The original project wanted to be mobile and to be anchored in a different place each year but while searching for an operating company the ship was permanently docked in the area of Kulturarena Veransteltungs GmbH.

The project began from the modification of an old barge nearby which was flexible enough to accommodate different gages and water now flows into the former hold with 2 meters in depth and 31 meters in length.



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