B018 by Bernard Khoury

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Aug 2014 9:04 am | Restaurants & Bars

B018 is an impressive night club designed by the architect Bernard Khoury in 1998 and it is located in Karantina, Beirut, Lebanon offering a sleek aesthetic with raw industrial tones and an overall contemporary vibe.

The project was voted by the Wallpaper Magazine as one of the best night clubs in the world and its original design is certainly a part of the reason, since it seems to be an abandoned warehouse from afar with a coffin-like geometry, but once you get closer you are bound to be amazed.

The metal façade has a massive hydraulic system to move the retractable roof so that the clients can enjoy the night sky and the city lights from the interior. The upper floor is unassuming and it really provides an industrial aesthetic which is fitting since the neighborhood was one of the most horrific areas during the war and the scars of the period are still visible.

According to the architect: ”The B018 project is, first of all, a reaction to difficult and explosive conditions that are inherent to the history of its location and the contradictions that are implied by the implementation of an entertainment program on such a site.”



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