Avis Magica – The Magic Bird by ARMARADA

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Aug 2013 1:09 pm | Other

The Magic Bird, or Avis Magica in latin is a project designed by the ARMARADA architectural practice for a contest which required an iconic building that will be located in the city of Miami to offer the city a landmark which anyone would recognize similar to the Eiffel Tower or the Sydney Opera House.

The designers took their inspiration for the project from the ”Bird in Space” sculpture created by Constantin Brancusi which offers a prototype of a bird which reduces it to its ideal or symbolic nature. Armarada applied the same method to their project but they integrated the image of the human being which led to the Avis Magica.

The building will be the tallest in its area with a height of 335 meters and it will host a museum at its ground level which will present the wildlife in the city, a concert stage outside, an aquarium water tower with a height of 120 meters being supplied directly from the nearby ocean, an area of islands that feature tropical vegetation right above the aquarium, an observation deck and an area which will generate artificial rain clouds.


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