Autobahn Church Siegerland by Schneider+Schumacher

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Feb 2015 3:11 pm | Monuments

The Autobahn Church Siegerland located in Wilnsdorf, Germany and it was designed in 2009 by the architectural practice of Schneider + Schumacher after winning a competition initiated by the Forderverein Autobahnkirche Siegerland e.V. for an Autobahn church.

The designers were guided by Michael Schumacher and the project was created in parallel with the extension of the Stadel Museum. The Christian-ecumenical church was raised through a lot of donations and the building work started with a sculptural concrete foundation slab acting as the base for the church structure above with a timber frame.

This is the 40th motorway church in the country and its consecration was done on 26 May 2013 and it offers a place of contemplation that communicates with the surroundings through the complex and daring geometry that is abstract at first sight but at a closer glance its purpose becomes quite evident.

There is a stylized white silhouette evoking a traditional village church and it is visible from the motorway as well as from the service station seeming to grow out of the hillside with the entrance done through a raised walkway.


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