Authentic Studio Apartment

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Feb 2015 2:51 pm | Apartments

Although the designers had to integrate all the functionality needed for a home into a 40 square meter space, this apartment is carefully arranged to ensure the needed efficiency while also bringing eco-friendly and high quality materials into the project for a very balanced and cozy setting.

The living area is divided into the kitchen, dining room and lounge while the bedroom and bathrooms were separated. The white ceiling makes the rooms seem taller and the exposed brick walls add more texture wand warmth into the ambiance and when they are combined with the wooden flooring and oak wooden frames you also get a rustic charm into the mix.

The kitchen continues the warm tones with the wooden countertop and an island that can become the dining table or bar when needed. The cabinetry here is white and there are sufficient storage areas to make up for the small space which it covers. The bedroom has been hidden behind a shelving unit and is made of reclaimed wood boards.


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