Attic Duplex in Gothenburg

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Sep 2013 8:55 am | Apartments

Scandinavian design never seizes to amaze and inspire and this apartment in Sweden is certainly no different.

Located in the central area of Linnestaden in Gothenburg, this apartment spreads over a surface of 132 square meters with three bedrooms, a storage room adjacent to the loft and a sauna with a small lounge area and a shower.

Due to its size it provides enough space for all activities which the inhabitants might wish and the white walls and floor receive a contrasting element due to the other furnishings, decorations and furniture especially in the living room which is the central area of the duplex.

The living room has an open floor plan with a fireplace, a chimney and a pitched roof. Large windows make the interior brighter and a small terrace also offers you a great place to enjoy the view of the surroundings such as the Nordhemsvagen hill and the Oscar Fredrik Church or just to have a cup of coffee outdoors during the summer days.



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