Astral Media Office by Lemay Associés

By : Mark V | 6 Nov 2011 10:20 pm | Interiors, Offices

Astral Media now has a new design for its office located in Montreal,Canada. The new interior was designed by Lemay Associés who decided to create the new space in accordance with the image of Astral Media. The new office occupies 4 floors and it gathers 350 employees in an innovative space.

Astral Media offers radio,television,advertising and digital media this is why the office has been split into four divisions. The graphic designs with undulating elements, the meeting spaces, the modern furniture render the idea of communication and interconnectivity. This design really encourages communication between employees.

The new office space is a means of bringing all the employees into one place and the design also makes the clients rediscover the Astral Media experience.What does the new Astral Media Headquarters offer?A lot of meeting spaces: conference and meeting rooms ,an agora and a common zone that includes a lounge,a useful copy centre a dining room and a café on each floor.

The floors aren`t alike,the 6,000 m2 space is divided into four floors-every floor having a different colours.A spectacular central glass staircase connects the levels.

Photos : © claude-simon langlois 2011

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